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GVCS returned to school in Hybrid AM/PM Cohorts or in our Virtual Learning Cohort on Wednesday, 10/28/2020. While we are super excited to see everyone, it is not possible at this time to welcome parents, grandparents, or any visitors back to our classrooms, or even our halls. Our students' and staff's safety is of the utmost importance to us, so until it is safe to do so, we will greet you at your cars for drop off or pick up. Specific doors have been assigned for grade levels to enter and exit the buildings. Here are the instructions for drop off and pick up:


For the AM cohort, you can drop your kids off as early as 8:15.  If you’re in the PM cohort, you can drop your kids off as early as 12:15.  If your youngest child at Grass Valley Charter is in Kindergarten or first grade, you should drop all your kids off in the front loop.  We’ll have staff ready to collect them!   2nd through 8th grade should drop off in the back.  We’ll have plenty of staff on hand to direct your students to class. Please do not get out of your car. 

Pick Up

Please pick up your kids as soon as you can after their time at school.  AM pick up is at 11:00.  PM pick up is at 3:00.  If your youngest child at Grass Valley Charter is in kindergarten or first please pick up all of your children in the front.  If your youngest is 2nd – 8th, please pick up your children in the back. Please do not get out of your car.  


There is a new stop sign on South Auburn Street, right at the exit from the half circle in the front of the school. This could prove interesting at drop off and pick up so please pack your patience and plan to arrive a little early to ensure your student isn't late to school due to traffic delays.

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Upcoming Dates to Remember

    October 28th in Hybrid AM/PM and Virtual Cohorts

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