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Grass Valley Charter School


Hi there! You’ve reached the GVCS Foundation page. You might be looking for the Charter School website and, if you’re lost, you can follow the link below to get there.  

Since you’re here, though, take a minute to check out what we do to help our teachers, students and school, and consider joining the conversation!

About the GVCS Foundation

We are an independent nonprofit group made up of parents and staff working together to raise funds and create programs that enrich the education and experience at Grass Valley Charter School.  We are THE fundraising entity of the school, and our purpose is to raise money to address the needs of GVCS.

 We aim to support diversity and inclusion, so that ALL students are able to participate and thrive in our learning model of EL Education.

What we do

We subsidize EVERY student's fieldwork costs

We fund needs-based SCHOLARSHIPS

We support school clubs and activities, including our ADVENTURE PROGRAM

We purchase updated EQUIPMENT

We make improvements to the CAMPUS

We Plan

Spending money is harder than it looks! Preparing for projects in the school environment requires months, and sometimes years, of planning and approvals. The Foundation seeks feedback from staff, parents and students, then the Board members volunteer their time to plan and execute these projects.

We Raise Money

Through three major fundraisers, The Walk-a-Thon, Value Card Sales and an annual Spring Event, the GVCS Foundation raises money to enhance our school and our children’s educational experience. We raise over $60,000 EACH YEAR! 

We Spend Money

Each year the Foundation allocates a per-student subsidy to increase the total amount available for Field Work, Adventure and Expeditions. We contribute about $11,000 annually. The remaining funds are used for enhancement and improvement projects, including school clubs, staff requests and scholarships.

Girls in Garden

We Need Your Help!

Join the Conversation

If you’re interested in being part of the planning and spending of these dollars, PLEASE come to a Foundation meeting and check it out! We’re pretty nice, and we usually have cookies.

We meet monthly, usually on Thursdays at 3:30 pm. Check out the school calendar, or keep an eye out in the Howl newsletter for the next meeting date.

Questions? Suggestions? Send us a note!

Parent Expedition Donation Page

These annual donations make it possible for GVCS to plan adventures that get our kids out in the world having amazing experiences. Thank you so much for contributing to this essential part of Expeditionary Learning education.